Sulinder-Omar Kinky Vodka Tomatpure is The President Of The Great Hinduism People Republic Of Tjachijickstanesiqa he was born 1947 in the city of Tjuckstamillmanesia. Sulinder-Omar Was mostly famous for his succesfull campaigns against the The Holy Buddhist Empire of Takkatakkachakka.

Sulinder-omar Had 13 wifes 8 husbands and 68 children. 38 of the children were called Omar and 30 were called Sulinder even the girls.

Sulinder-Omar Kinky Vodka Tomatpure Died 2002 when he fell asleep drowning in his korean blood he was drinking.

The Great Hinduism People Republic Of Tjachijickstanesiqa Empire Fell 2003 one year after Sulinder-Omars death.

Sulinder-Omar father was Baanke Bihaari Kinky Vodka Tomatpure and his mother(s) was Haadiyaa, Jabeen, Jagavi, Maalai, Quasar, Kinky Vodka Tomatpure

Sulinder-Omar Kinky Vodka Tomatpure


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