Ragnar was born the 4'th of Septober in 1924, his father Ragge Bertsson was a manager at Jarmos Snajderi AB. He was a wealthy man and they lived in a nice area in Rinkeby in Stockholm. His mom was a courtesan (that's a nice word for whore) and her customers was very statisfied.

Early yearsEdit

Ragnar didn't went to school beacuse he was busy doing "Ragnar stuff" as he said in his memoars wich he publiced in 1997. Aldough he didn't wrote what this so called "Ragnar stuff". Thats a secret that he has brought to the grave.

Late yearsEdit

At the age of 34 Ragnar had become "the guy that refilled the ball-point pens at night". at the age of 46 he was to become promoted to "the guy that loads paper in to the writers". Then at the age of 64, one year from retirement he finaly becomed "the man that dropped down the toilet seats when the lazy ass big shots didn't felt like doing it". He had reached his long life goal and then at the 4'th of septober 1989 he finaly retired.


The tragic day of 78'th noctober 2004 at the age of 80 he died in a wheelbarrow accident.


Ragnar visiting the summer olympics in 1996