Ossian Urjanson was born in 1960 in a small town called Qukkjukkpukkfukk. He got his first job as a cleaner at the local stripclub at the age of 20 he was a very succesful cleaner. Hes salary was about 1337 coal coins a week which was extremely high for a worker in the country VrukchukkdrukknukkMcdonald (the country is owned by Mcdonalds) at the age of 40 he become a cleaner in a Mcdonalds resturant far far away. Hes salary in Mcdonalds was about 13370 coal coins a month. He died 2004 at the age of 44 when he slipped on a dead hooker on the floor. hes death was honored by hundreds of people each one killed a hooker to honour his memory. The map to the right is Ossian's last home location.

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