Lucifer in a Nuttshell... No litteraly he is in a nuttshell he was trapped in a... READ MORE ABOUT THAT STORY IN CAPTER 28

Lucifer was born the 19th of Marsuary 1945 in the town Clukkebucc in Gregland.

Early Years.Edit

When Lucifer von Tryffelhammar was 14 he got his first summer Job as "Money transferer for the Royal Greglandish institute for extremely ridicoulus amounts of Kosing.

Rise to Power.Edit

At the Royal Greglandish institute for extremely ricicoulus amounts of Kosing

I made a chart explaining what happened..

Kosing --------> Lucifers bank account..

Later Life.Edit

Lucifer now lives in a Giant Manor in Snobbshire in Ottonesia.

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