The Religion of Kholy is based on his kholysness book of holykholyness hes kholyness the god is called Kholy who is the king of all the gods his son is called Abdula Katchhång Kholy who is the god of coal coins kebablangaren is the other god who is the god of 1337 every day at 13.37 everybody most honour him by eating a toffeldjur and or mill it slobbislood is the other god who is the god of poop in the book of kholysness you will learn how to poop to honour him if you dont he will drown the world with poop the last god is called risoldarn who is the god of applepie once every year you have to honour him by eating an applepie the 32 jebruari if you dont he will watch you sleep NOW GO READ THE BOOK OF KHOLYSNESS!!!!

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