Manfred maurenbrecher

Manfred visiting Fränsta in 1993

Fräs-Manfred was born the 3rd of February 1922 as Spänk-Olle Gynnevåldsson.

'Early Years.'

Due to the fact that there were no computers back there were terribly sorry that we dont have a fucking clue what happened back there.

'Later Years.'

Fräs-Manfred worked as a Snajder at Jarmos Snajderi AB.


The 1st of novemeber 2000 at age 78 Fräs-Manfreds

Snajd-o-Matic Semi-Combusted and left Fräs-Manfred lifeless on the Floor.

Paramedics tried everything from CPR to Injecting Fräs-Manfred with Gyzascpysocalium to burn out the infection.